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School District of Osceola County


Megan Gould​, M.Ed. - Principal • Aimee Rogacki, M.Ed. - Assistant Principal​​​


Support Staff: Back Office


Vanard Dinkins

8th Grade Dean

Greg Johnson

7th Grade Dean

Amy Rousch

6th Grade Dean


Fatima Rodriguez

Discipline Staff



Janice Santana

Discipline Staff


Deputy Furey

School Resource Officer

Support Staff: Front Office

Nery Delgado

Front Office Staff

Laura Driscoll

Principal's Administrative Assistant

Michelle Oquendo


Laura Rivera

Front Office Staff

Karla Rodriguez


Vanessa Watkins

Data Entry

Betty Yenetchi



Support Staff: Resource


Annette Aponte


Guidance Counselor

Ashlee Cornett

Media Specialist

Zayra Diaz

Math & Science Coach

Rebecca Martinez

Literacy Coach

Amy Rousch

Testing Coordinator​

Carmen Zisa

Athletic Director

Support Staff: Custodial


​​Don Williams

Plant Manager​

Maria Exposito


Raul Lopez


Edwin Torres


​​Alfredo Zavala


A Proud School of
"Education which inspires all to their highest potential"
The School District of Osceola County will outperform all other districts in the State of Florida!


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